It’s a very beaut25879iful experience to immortalize such a joyful and festive day in the life of a couple. Working discreetly, my goal is to catch, in a naturally way, the enthusiasm, the joy and the excitement of this special day. My approach is documentary with fashion influences.


All who have been baptized in infancy, keep no memory of this event of their live. By growing up, I think it is wonderful to discover this moment through a series of beautiful pictures, as if leafing through a fairy tale.


Portrait is a strong challenge for the photographer, since he has not only to make a beautiful picture of a person, but rather to be able to provide evidence of his personality.


Even since the years of school, advertising photography of an object or a product was like a game for me, a game that had to do with its integration in an environment which would promote and make it attractive to the viewer.